The Stupidest Thing I Ever Did… For Today, Anyway

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Oct 262007

Well, I have a new Stupidest Thing I’ve Done So Far in Japan. And it’s up there with other Great Stupid Things I’ve Done.

I brought some U.S. toilet paper with me because, well, let’s just say that me and Japanese toilet paper haven’t been getting along very well. In general, the stuff I’ve been running into hasn’t been meeting my needs.

I had just finished in the shower, and I didn’t want to be seen lugging around a giant roll of toilet paper. So I stuck it in my pile of clothes I had changed out of after my shower.

And then I promptly dumped it all on my laundry pile, which I then went and washed.

I opened the washer, and noticed that a my black shirt and pants were covered in white fuzz, and I started to get mad. I thought that my new Japanese underwear had done that. So I tried to shake stuff around to get the fuzz off (succeeded with most, failed utterly with my black pants), then threw it all in the dryer.

I had to go the bathroom, so I went to grab my toilet paper, and it wasn’t there. I looked around for a minute or two, until I realized exactly what I had done.

Then I had that moment. The one where Scooby and I solve the mystery, only it turns out I did it.

Yeah, I put the roll in with the wash.

What’s amazing in a way is that the roll completely disappeared, save for the fuzz on my black pants.

That’s kind of impressive.

But still dumb as hell.

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