Oct 182007

I’m still in Okazaki, but I’m leaving for Kyoto in just a few minutes for the weekend. I need to rest for another 5-10 minutes, then I’m heading out.

That’s one thing I’ve discovered I have to do– make time to rest. If I don’t, I suffer.

Classes are hard. For some reason, the Japanese is fighting my brain, and my brain is losing.

My teachers are great. I’m just slow for some reason. I’ll get some weird hard stuff right, and then totally blank on the easy stuff.

I guess it means I’ll have to study more when I get home.

I’ve sort of flip-flopped on whether I’d like to live here or not. Sometimes I totally want to, other times, I’m totally hating it. My travel-related discomfort probably plays a large role.

I won’t make a decision until I hit Tokyo in November. No point in doing that now without more experience under my belt.

Beppu is sounding more and more like a good idea. I might head down there for a night or two and just let the hot water take me away.

Anyway, time to go catch the bus to JR Okazaki.

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