Oct 172007

I’m starting to feel a bit better.

I can’t believe I’ve already been in Japan for a week. Considering I’ve spent a good portion of it horizontal, I’m not too thrilled about that aspect, but at least I’m here.

I’m really looking forward to going to Kyoto, just to get out of Okazaki for a few days, and to sleep on a bed like I’m used to for two nights.

I can’t wait! I’m going to find a real bath to soak in for a few days.

I can’t do futons. It’s like sleeping on a steel examining table, only less comfortable.

  One Response to “Climbing Up Again.”

  1. Hey… was looking at the photos! Great stuff, that! BTW… who is the Hot Brunette Chick? LOL! You should get a photo of yourself so you can actually prove you were there!

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