Oct 132007

Not to name names, but right now, I’m very very mad at a large Bank that has branches all over America. When I got back from my trip to downtown Nagoya, where I bought my new denshi jisho with a credit card from this large Bank in America, there was an e-mail waiting for me from them with some sort of “Fraud alert.”


This is after I had told them that I was going to be in Japan where I might buy… I dunno… Japanese things from Japanese businesses that happen to be… I know it’s a big surprise… IN JAPAN. So I had to scramble to get them to approve the purchases I made.

Telling them in advance that I was going to Japan didn’t seem to make any difference, because “Sorry, we don’t have any record of that,” is all the reply I got, even though I called them a week in advance to let them know.

Now I can supposedly use the stupid thing, but now every time I use it, I’m going to be hoping they don’t decline it for some idiotic “security reason.”

I hate to waste my valuable Estonian cell phone minutes to talk to customer service. I might need those minutes in a pinch, and now they’re gone. Okay, it was only 6 minutes, but still, you never know when someone will need those minutes to save the Free World from some Evil Plot.

Worse still, those 6 minutes cost me 6 Euros. Ouch.

Let this be a lesson to you. Don’t expect your bank to actually do what they say they will do, and be prepared to call them from Far, Far Away and argue with them at some ungodly hour wherever you are, frustrated, tired, and angry.

So yes, that is the Lesson.

Anyway, I’ll see how I feel in the morning and try to hit some more of the big Festival in Nagoya… it all starts at 11a.m., so that may not happen.

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