Glass in Durham

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Oct 052013

Google brought its Glass wearable device to Durham today, and it was a madhouse. A controlled madhouse, but the lines were huuuuge.

Kudos to the Google staff, who managed the hordes of people who showed up. I only had to wait in line for about 30 minutes, and I came a little late. (Like at 11 am.)

Everyone was excited. We got little booklets that explained how to use Glass before we even went in. And they had waiters bringing us water so nobody got dehydrated.

Once I got in, I had to sign a release, then we went off into our little orientation groups. Then we got to try it on for about 10 minutes.

It’s a really neat device. My unit didn’t connect to WiFi, though, so it didn’t do much. But I can see how having it could be really useful for anyone who shoots video. I’m not as sold on the serious photography aspect, but I’m a camera snob. If the lens is too small, I have problems taking it seriously.

But I bet you could make some really interesting videos with this.

The heads-up display isn’t really a HUD. It’s more like a little TV that hovers just off and to the right. It’s not quite as earth-shattering as I was hoping for.

In my vision of a vision enhancing technology, it would be a real HUD that would give you an overlay layer on reality, like drawing big fat arrows on the pavement as you’re driving along to tell you where to turn, instead of making you look at a little monitor and look away from the road. It would kind of be like a world where your computer is a really good, really fast graffiti artist.

But I think that kind of tech is about 4-5 years away at least.

After we played with it, we could go upstairs and get food and beverages for free, and a poster. I skipped the food, grabbed a poster, and left. I had music composition later on, and I needed to get ready for it.

That’s been a fun class so far. Lots to learn, but a nice environment. I’ve already written one piece, too. It’s not great, but it’s a start.

I’m also cramming A+ material into my brain as fast as I can. I have my first A+ test on the 11th. Gotta study.

Eyes on Fire

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Sep 262013

Two words you never want to hear from your eye doctor: viral conjuntivitis.

Trust me on this.

Imagine your eyes are on fire, and, in order to put out the fire, you decide to pour a beach full of sand on them. Now they are hot and gritty. Hmm. It needs something else. How about rinsing it all off with alcohol and gasoline, so now they sting, too? Might as rub some itching powder around your eyes, and just light the whole mess on fire.

That’s what this week has been like. Not really fun.

Interestingly, it’s almost 2 years to the day that I had just about the same thing happen while I was in Tokyo. The drugs there worked a little faster. The medicine I got works, but not nearly fast enough for my liking.

To be fair, the burning and gritty sensation is going away, but they still randomly itch like hell.

Anyway, my eye trouble has kept me away from the computer. As they’re getting better, I’m able to do more work, but I have to take frequent breaks.

I have a cold mask that works wonders. I should have bought two, so I could keep one cold while I use another, but this is good enough.

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