Mid-Summer Scribbling (Pencil Pondering?)

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Aug 022014

I decided to cut down on the number of pencils I carry around, so I went obsessive over lead holders and mechanical pencils for a few weeks. Here are some of the results from my madness (and spending spree.)

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Slide Duplicating Rig Completed! (Converting FL Bellows to NEX Mount!)

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Feb 022014

I finally got the parts I needed, and a free hour, so I removed the retaining ring on my Canon FL Bellows, removed the inside of a L39-NEX adapter, and slapped it on the FL Bellows to make it a much better slide duplicating rig than it was with a Canon FL – NEX adapter. Instructions in the main post.

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Snowmageddon Round Two? (Random Stuff Post)

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Jan 282014

As I’m waiting for a ton of snow to fall, I figured I might as well summarize what’s going on these days. I’m taking more music classes at Coursera; Bitwig Studio is coming out in a couple of months; I found an easy way to ReWire the Yamaha Vocaloid Editor into Live and Cubase; Piapro Studio now accepts non-Crypton voicebanks; the monitor stand works; and finally, my slide duplicating project is taking off as soon as some parts show up.

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Push or “What Happened to Today?”

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Jan 102014

Push, I choose you! I chose it over Maschine because I think it’ll work better with the way I like to write music. Maschine has a lot of strong points, too. I lost track of the majority of a day messing around with Live and Push. It’s fun stuff. Also, the monitor stand is almost done! It just needs finishing.

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Everything Breaks at Once

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Dec 162013

My idea to use pocket screws to attach the parts of my monitor stand together was undermined by a crappy pocket screw jig. So I just glued and screwed it from the top down, and filled the holes with wood filler. Also, the garage door and security system broke on me this weekend. Yay.

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Making a Stand

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Dec 132013

I’m making a special monitor stand to get the monitors up and off the desk, so I can shove my keyboard and graphics tablet underneath. That way, I can use my MIDI keyboard while facing the screens. I hope this works out!

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