Dec 162013

Monitor Stand Update:

I went to a large home center chain, and bought an inexpensive pocket screw jig for about $30. The idea was to use pocket screws to attach the top to the supports at 90 degree angles.

Don’t buy the cheap jig. I wound up drilling out the jig more than drilling the wood. Frustrating.

So I moved to plan B. Plan B is really the original plan A, and that’s drilling down through the top of the wood, and covering the holes with wood filler. Drilling and screwing went well, and the wood filler seems to be drying okay. I just have to find time to sand it.

Stuff Breaking Left and Right!

Of course, it’s also been one of those days. My garage door opener has died on me, the same day that two more sensors in the security system died, too. I was going to go up and help the folks out on Wednesday, but now that’s not going to happen until Thursday. Oh well. These things happen.

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